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dancing eighth notesEven though summer is "unofficially" over rehearsals will resume for upcoming concerts. Visit the Upcoming Events page for more information.dancing eighth notes

The Maynard Community Band at Concord Street Circle, Maynard, MA
The Maynard Community Band at Concord Street Circle, Maynard, MA
view from the bleacher seats

For over 60 years, the Maynard Community Band has provided an outlet for musicians of various ages, backgrounds, and abilities to come together to form new friendships and play great music together!

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French Horn
About Us
Who is in the Maynard Community Band?
What type of music does the Maynard Community Band play?
Where does the Maynard Community Band perform/rehearse?
Dance Band
Learn all about the Maynard Community Dance Band:
who we are, what type of music we play, and where we play.

See photos from our concert at the Knights of Columbus
on the scrapbook page.
This page provides a brief history of the Maynard Community Band.
Upcoming Events
Find the dates, times, and locations along with maps and directions for upcoming rehearsals and concerts.
blinking notes
See photos from our concerts at Concord Street Circle and MaynardFest.
Join the Band
Calling all local musicians! Find out how YOU can join the Maynard Community Band!
The Maynard Web
Find out more about the town of Maynard by visiting its official website! Visitors can learn more about the town of Maynard including its form of government, schools, library, restaurants, businesses, civic organizations, and the town's community calendar and news.

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