Maynard Community Band


The origin of the Maynard Community Band dates back to the late 1800s around the time of the founding of the town of Maynard.

When the town of Maynard held its inaugural parade, the Eagle Cornet Band of Iola Lodge and the Amateur Brass Bands played in the parade. In 1875 the Maynard Brass Band was formed from members of these two bands. The band was reorganized in 1884 and renamed the Maynard Military Band.

Several years later, two new bands were formed in Maynard. The first band was the Imatra Band which was formed in 1899. The Imatra Band consisted of Finnish heritage musicians only. In the late 1910, a second band called the National Band was formed with off-shoot members from the Imatra Band.

In the early 1920s, the Maynard Military Band ceased existence. Some of its members joined the Imatra Band and/or the National Band. Both of these bands continued to play concerts for the next 20 years.

In 1947, the Imatra Band and the National Band joined together to form one band. This band was renamed the Maynard Community Band.


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last updated: July 14, 2016